From blog posts to apparel

Creative projects

This is an ongoing collection of disparate creative projects—spanning from blog posts and photo essays, to apparel design collaborations with friends, to pieces from my print design portfolio that I’m particularly proud of.


The following images represent two years of my design work for Investors Group, while I was employed at The FaQtory. These were invitation and welcome packages created for their top-performing consultants—the years that incentive conferences took place in Scotland and China. Note: I did not design the conference identities, and the packaging and intricate assembly work was only achieved with the help of a group of wonderful co-workers.


In 2012, my sister Elaine and I decided to document our family farm through photography. Once a month, we went home and followed our family around with our cameras, while gaining an understanding of how their operations had changed since we were kids. We left the year with a wealth of memories which my sister has since turned into a keepsake photo book for our family, and about which I wrote a photo essay, published to the University of Manitoba's UM Today news platform.

Read my photo essay: A year on the farm

AUG. 20, 2011, 6:58 PM Lawrence and Warren scan the horizon to decide whether they will get rained out before finishing the field of ryegrass they are combining.